About Us

SOFPL is a leading manufacturer of high quality Organic Vermi Compost Manure, MVM-24 Spray that are 100% Natural, Chemical free, Non-toxic and nutritive for plants and trees & Organic Food Products which are 100% Natural, Chemical free and nutritive for humans.

With more than 15 dedicated years of successful experience in the field, Director – Mr. Lalit Singla, also the founder of SOFPL, has also been engaged in the Agricultural Reforms and actively aiming towards producing beneficial agricultural supplements with highest quality to protect and value the environment; co-shared with customers and common people.

We at SOFPL, offer our products with a prime focus on Indian agriculture heritage. With our strong business values and high quality products, we have an edge in an increasingly competitive global market and produce more than 500 MT of Vermi Compost per day.

Started operations in the year 2000, we are a fast emerging organization in organic field. While operating in this field for a decade, we are trusted as a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of High Quality Organic Vermi Compost Fertilizers, Organic Cow’s milk, Ghee & various other dairy products. Amongst these, Vermi Compost manure and MVM-24 Herbal Spray are our specialty products that find usage in the agriculture industry, households, gardens, lawns, and many more….


  • Empower the farmer.
  • Enable Eco-sustainability.
  • Ensure nutritious/healthy food.
  • Peoples’ Delight.
  • Co-create good agriculture practices.
  • Contribution towards reduction in Global Warming.
  • Healthy & Wealthy Planet.


“To be a unique firm of its kind aiming towards conservation of health of society by providing pure organic products with an aim to conserve the environment.”

Satyam culture is based on the three tenets :-


  • Building capability at individual level
  • Building capability at organisational level
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Thinking of innovative approaches


  • Customer | Prosperity improvement
  • Employee | Well being and engagement
  • Society | Caring for environment and community development


  • Result orientation
  • Energetic and speed of action
  • Quality focus
  • Building a seamless working environment