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We are into offering organic fertilizers that helps you to improve the soil of your lawn & garden. The organic fertilizers are used in the fertilization of soil & plants. The organic fertilizers hold more moisture and nutrients and assists in foster growth of soil organisms & also promote healthier plant root development.

1. High Quality Vermi Compost


Vemiculture is natural rearing or cultivation of worms (Earthworms) and the technology is the scientific process of using them for the betterment of human beings. Vermi compost is the excreta of earthworm, which is rich in humus. Earthworms eat cow dung and pass it through their body and in the process convert it into vermi compost. Conversion of cow dung by earthworms into compost and the multiplication of earthworms is simple process.

Our vermicompost is of high quality as while the conversion process we keep the heap of dung in the Neem’s tree shade because when neem’s leaves, small branches of neem and neem’s fruit fall on the compost then it increase the quality and effectiveness, enzymes, alkaloids in vermi compost.


  • Vermi compost is an Eco- friendly natural fertilizer prepared from bio-degradable organic wastes & is free from chemical inputs.
  • It does not have any adverse effect on soil plant & environment.
  • It improves soil texture and reducing soil compaction.
  • It improves water retention. Capacity of soil because of its high organic matter content.
  • It promotes better root growth & nutrient absorption.
  • It improves nutrient status of soil both macro- nutrients and micro- nutrients.
  • Improve its physical structure.
  • Enrich soil with micro organisms.
  • Improves root growth & structure.
  • Enhances germination, plant growth & crop yield.



  • High quality product available in free flowing dark brown form.
  • Improve soil health, repels soil borne insects and imparts tolerance to certain disease.
  • The organic manure helps in improving the soil physical, chemical and biological properties there by it increases the fertility and productivity status of soil.
  • There is better root proliferation.
  • Helps improving soil health, increases efficiency of applied as well as natively available nutrients.


2. Neem Based Vermi Compost



Our High Quality Vermi compost manure has brought up a drastic revolution for plant nursery cultivation and its growth. Using same has given natural beauty to plants, wide its colour fragrance, along life and its power of being strong. Using organic manure stops unwanted growth of tiny plants and grass which grows on its boldness provides themselves safety from natural calamities.


  • Rich in all essential plant nutrients.
  • Provides excellent effect on overall plant growth.
  • Encourages the growth of  new shoots/ leaves and improve the quality & shelf life of products.
  • Vermi compost is free flowing, easy to apply, handle and store and does not have bad odour.
  • Improves soil structure, texture, water holding capacity & prevent soil erosion.
  • Contains earthworm cocoons and increases the population & activity of earthworm in the soil.
  • Contains valuable vitamins, enzymes and hormones.



  • No serve pest & disease attack.
  • More yield.
  • Good grain filling, no immature grains.
  • Uniformity in size & coloring, early maturity.



  • Proper uses of agri farm residues.
  • Availability of essential elements in balanced ratio.
  • The produces can be stored for a longer period.
  • Water and soil conservation.
  • Colour, Quality, Taste and shining of all type of agro-produces is increased.
  • Agro produces is very health friendly.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Agro produces are free from all poisonous elements.


3. Organic Fertilizers Usage Chart

Plants/Flower Pots:

  • Small pot         –           250 – 300 Gram only
  • For 1 feet        –           500 – 600 Gram only
  • For 1.5 feet     –           1 – 1.2 kg only



  • 1 Square yard (9 Sq. Ft.)         –           3 – 3.5 kg only
  • Lawn Hedges (1’Ft x 1.5’Ft )   –           1.5 – 2 kg only
  • Lawn Boundaries (1’Ft x 1’Ft) –           1 – 1.2 Kg only


Vegetables/Kitchen Garden/Green Houses:

  •  One time for one vegetable in (1’Ft x 1’Ft) area       –           1 – 1.2 kg only


Fertiliser/ Pest Control Spray (MVM-24™ Brand) Neem Based

  • Lawns / Flowers (repeat after 15 days)          –           Mix 1 litre spray in 20 litre water
  • Crops (repeat after 15 days)                                –           Mix 2 litre spray in 20 litre water
  • Vegetables (repeat after 15 days )                     –           Mix 2 litre spray in 20 litre water


1 Litre M.V.M-24 is mixed with 19 litre water and it covers 40 sq yards.

(Else spray until it spread all over)

M.V.M.-24 Herbal Spray

MVM-24 is a composition of Neem, Haldi (Turmeric), Dhatura, Cow Urine (Gau Mutra) and like-wise other 24 items. This MVM-24 is used as liquid manure as well as spray on plants to prevent them from all types of diseases. It further increases the useful micro organisms and kills diseases spreading elements at the same time. It also prevents our environment from getting polluted and act as a hygienic food for plants. It ensures in considerable increases in production of plants, taste of fruits and vegetables. It is effective for all segments of plants, vegetables and fruits trees.

1. Crop Protection Usage Chart

How to Use

  1. Flowers – once a year by mixing of 1kg MVM-24 in 20kg water through drip system.
  2. Once in every new farming of vegetables.
  3. On fruits / plants / vegetables every 20th day. Mix 2.5kg – 3kg MVM-24 in 100kg water – To be sprayed.
  4. For Tea Gardens, 5 times in first year


  • 1st dose, Mix 4kg MVM-24 in 100kg water – To be sprayed.
  • 2nd dose, Mix 3kg MVM-24 in 100kg water – To be sprayed
  • 3rd dose, Mix 2kg MVM-24 in 100kg water – To be sprayed
  • Remaining, according to 2 kg MVM-24 + 100 Kg water – To be sprayed
  • Next year, only 4 times to be sprayed.



  • While using MVM-24 liquid and High Quality Vermi Compost organic manure, there is no longer a need of using any type of chemical spray or chemical fertilizer on your vegetables/plants and at the same time it will assist production for long time.


O2 Organics

Our Other Products Are:

We are one of the famous manufacturers, exporters, importers, and suppliers of a huge assortment of (our own) organic products which comprises of the following:

1. Dairy Products

  •  Pure Milk
  •  Pure Ghee
  •  Curd
  •  Lassi
  •  Plain Cheese
  •  Flavoured Cheese
  •  Pure Butter


2. Pulses

  •  Arhar Dal
  •  Gram (Kaala chana)


3. Wheat

  • Simple Wheat flour (306 Batch)
  • Mix Flour (60% wheat,20% gram, 10% soya, 10% barley)
  • Dalia


4. Rice

5. Bajra

6. Jaggery (Gurh)

7. Shakkar

8. Turmeric

( These products are available on our exclusive Organic Food Stores recognized as “O2 Organics™”)